• Rotating a table using Pivot Operator in SQL

    The Pivot operator turns the unique value from one column and transfer the same to multple columns in the output, effectively rotating the table.

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  • Database Normalization in depth

    Database normalization is the rules to design of tables to minimize data redundancy i.e. data duplicate which ensure data consistency. It can also defined as dividing a single table in two or more and defining relationships between those tables.

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  • Tempory Comman table Expression

    A CTE is a temporary table that can be reference within Select, update, or Delete statement.

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  • Triggers in SQL

    Trigger is a kind of pre or post processive logic which fires automatically when DML(Insert, Update and Delete) or DDL() commands are fired against the table. Trigger has basically used to intercept the action being performed on the table.

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  • Views in SQL Server

    A View is a saved SQL query which act as a Virtual table. View is generally used for security mechanism by allowing user to access the data through View rather than granting the other user to directly access the db.

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  • Storing records in Temp table while executing SP

    Temporary tables are tables which are created in the tempDB and are automatically deleted when they are not used. They act like an regular table and can be queried records and modify their value via update, delete, insert. If we are using temp table inside Sp they are automatically destroyed once the connection is closed.

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