Applying Unique Key Constraint on the column which you want to be unique apart from the Primary key.

Unique key

constraint enforces the columns to be unique i.e. it won’t allow duplicate values to be inserted in the table column.

So we have a table called Student as shown below:

Here ID is a primary key column i.e. each Student will have its unique Id. But I will able to insert the same EmailId as many times. So in order to restrict the Duplicate EmailId, we are going to create a Unique key constraint on Email column.

So the major difference between a primary key column and Unique key:

  • We can have only one primary key but can have more than 1 unique key.
  • The primary key cannot be null whereas unique key allows one null.

Creating a unique key using designer mode:


USING SQL Query way:


Now if I try to insert the same email id again SQL server will give unique constraint error as shown below:

Dropping Unique Key constraint:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Student]

Happy Learning.

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